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Formalities in Italy

There are procedures that must be carried out directly in Italy and that cannot be done through the Italian Consulate or the Italian Embassy.

Codice Fiscale's request

The codice fiscale is an alphanumeric code that identifies all persons residing in Italy. It is essential for any kind of administrative procedure, even for cashing a cheque at the bank. Its use could be compared to that of the Spanish NIF. The codice fiscale is essential to be able to work in Italy.

Unlike other countries, in Italy there is also a carta d'identità, i.e. ID or cedula, the number of which is not the codice fiscale and which is not relevant for tax purposes.

Application for Change of Surname

One of the biggest problems that appear in the processing of certificates is to find errors in the transcription of surnames in the public administration. In particular, due to the non-existence of the Italian law on the double surname, many times in the Italian communes and in the Italian consulates, the records are transcribed with errors. Our office is in charge of processing and managing the change of surname and correcting all the records in the civil registry.

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