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How to apply for an Italian passport

Applying for an Italian passport while living abroad can sometimes be complicated. Renewing or requesting a new passport is one of those procedures that can become a nightmare because you do not know what documents to present or what requirements you need to have in order to have your application accepted by the Italian consulates abroad.

Applying for a passport is a straightforward process at our Trámite Italia office, although it often depends on the consular office where the application is to be processed, and processing times can vary due to the high demand for applications.

There are consulates such as those in Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Caracas where the procedures take much longer due to the enormous demand of applications they have to process.

Passport requirements

The Italian passport is both a travel document and an identity document valid for 10 years. To apply for a passport at the Italian consulates, it is essential to be an Italian citizen and to be registered in the A.I.R.E., that is, in the Register of Citizens Resident Abroad.

If this requirement is not met, the applicant's situation must first be regularised by registering with AIRE.

Application for italian passports for minor children

In the case of minors, we will process the application for their Italian passport but both parents will be required to consent to the application for a passport for a minor.

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