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Italian marriage certificate

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Italian marriage certificate

The Marriage Certificate, the Marriage Extract and the Full Marriage Certificate are the documents that officially certify the union between the spouses and provide specific information regarding the personal data of the subjects, the date and place of celebration of the act.

They may also contain additional information, such as an indication of the matrimonial property regime adopted (communion or separation of property) and other entries relating to divorce, separation, residence and citizenship.

Difference between certificate, extract and full copy of the marriage certificate

The marriage certificate contains the essential data relating to the event, i.e. the details of the spouses, the place and date of the marriage.

The marriage extract certifies the place where the marriage took place, the date, as well as any other notes (matrimonial property regime, divorce, annulment).

The full copy of the marriage is the certified photocopy of the complete deed as recorded in the registers of civil status. This document, which is specifically certified as conforming to the original, contains all the information relating to the marriage, as well as any other notations, such as the name of the celebrating priest, the name of the church, the residence of the spouses and their nationality, the matrimonial property regime adopted (communion/separation of property), and any subsequent divorce that has taken place.

A full copy of the marriage certificate can only be issued to the person directly concerned, or to a relative, or in any case to a person who has a legally relevant interest as Tramite Italia. The full copy of the marriage certificate can be issued to any person who has an interest in it, without the need for motivation or special proxy, only 70 years after the drawing up of the marriage certificate.

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