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What is the certificate of single status?

The Certificate of Single Status is the document among the Italian certificates that indicates the free civil status of the person concerned due to the fact of never having been married or due to celibacy, widowhood or new single status after divorce. The Certificate of Single Status, commonly called certificato di stato libero, is also known as certificado anagrafico or contestuale.

What is the difference between the certificate of marital capacity and the certificate of single status?

Often people do not know the difference between a certificate of marital capacity and a certificate of unmarried status. The Certificate of Marriage Capacity certifies the legal capacity to marry abroad, i.e. not only that you are single, but also that you have the legal capacity to marry. On the other hand, the Certificate of Unmarriage is of lesser value and merely certifies that at the time of issue the person is free of matrimonial ties. With this certificate a person cannot marry, as further legal requirements are necessary.

What is the certificate of unmarried status needed for?

The use of the Certificate of Single Status varies from country to country. In many countries, such as Argentina, it is used to authorise marriage and social security benefits.

In the case of Italian citizens, the certificate of single status is required for procedures outside Italian territory.

In recent times, the most common reason for needing a certificate of unmarried status, also known as a certificate of proof of life, is to register as a civil partner or civil union. In the European Community and in Spain, in order to create a civil partnership, a certificate of unmarried status issued by the consulate or a certificate of free status issued by the Italian municipality of jurisdiction is required.

In Spain, for example, which certificate to present depends on the laws of each autonomous community.

The certificate of single status is also useful if you want to apply for social security benefits or subsidies in Spain. You will have to present a Certificate of Single Status to prove that you do not receive any other benefits due to your relationship with a third party: widowhood, divorce pensions, among others.

Who can apply for a certificate of single status?

Trámite Italia as a law firm has the power to apply for the certificate of single status or proof of life on behalf of its clients at the Italian municipalities or at the Italian consulate of jurisdiction.

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