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Italian death certificate

When an Italian citizen dies in a foreign country, the death must be registered in the Italian commune of origin.

The request for the transcription of the death certificate in the case of Italian citizens registered in the A.I.R.E. register can be submitted to the Italian consulate of jurisdiction or directly to the registry office of the commune in which the deceased person was registered.

At a time when administrative formalities are the last thing on your mind, it is useful to have a reliable office such as Trámite Italia, which takes care of submitting all the documentation and preparing and sending the application for its clients.

What documentation is required for the registration of a death in Spain?

The application form must be filled in.

Obtain the death certificate in its entirety, in its original form, issued by the Civil Registry Office - death certificate.

original literal death -.

original multilingual death certificate - original

photocopy of the deceased's identity card if available.

What documentation is required to register a death that has not occurred in Spain (other countries)?

The application form must be completed.

original literal death certificate issued by the competent authority with Hague legalisation or apostille or equivalent and official translation into Italian.

photocopy of the deceased's identity card if available.

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