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Italian citizenship by residence

To obtain Italian citizenship by residence, you must submit an online application and have specific requirements. First of all, you must be a foreigner with at least one of two Italian parents, or be born in the territory and be at least 18 years old. In addition, adopted persons who have lived in Italy for 10 years, as well as non-EU citizens with at least 3 years of residence, stateless persons, political refugees and even children of already naturalised parents can also apply. EU citizens must have resided in Italy for at least 4 years. That said, here is a detailed guide on how to apply for Italian citizenship by residence.

The first step is to obtain all the necessary documents to attach to the application to be submitted online by downloading a form and filling in all the required fields. Once this has been done, it must be scanned, signed and completed with certificates attesting to a constant annual income of the order of three years, i.e. not less than €8,500. The tax code, residence permit, passport issued by the country of origin and identity card are also required to process the application correctly.

Along with the above-mentioned identity documents and proof of income received in the last 3 years in Italy, for those who intend to apply for Italian citizenship by residence, it is also necessary to attach to the application some certificates such as birth certificate (except for those born in Italy), marriage of the country of origin legally translated and criminal always with a certified translation. These documents can be obtained in the country of origin, but also through the consulates operating in the Italian territory. At this point, with everything you need at your disposal, you can fill in the online application and then accompany it with a stamp of 16 Euros and attach the receipt of a payment of 200 Euros. Scanning everything again, you send it online to the Prefecture of the city where you live, and wait for the necessary time for the file to be examined by the competent bodies.

After having sent the application, it is necessary to wait for the Prefecture to examine the file, and then to make the invitation at its territorial offices where the interested party must bring with him/her all the documents in original, so that they can be compared with those submitted online. If all the requirements are satisfactory, you obtain Italian citizenship by residence and then you can become a permanent part of the administrative system, and obtain all the benefits due by law, such as health care and the issuance of certificates for various uses.


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